Grants available for free spay/neuters in Apple Valley

Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)–To help address the problem of pet overpopulation the Town of Apple Valley and Bear Valley Animal Hospital are working together to offer free spay/neuters.  Through support of a grant from the Handsel Foundation, funds are available for 26 operations for qualified families.

Interested families must get an application from Animal Services at 22131 Powhatan Rd. or online at  Deadline to apply is December 15 and certain restrictions apply.

A spay or neuter procedure can cost upwards of $200 including tests, anesthesia and medication. As these costs stack up, people sometimes feel pressured to abandon their pets or turn them into the shelter, but what they don’t realize is that the cost of unwanted litters is even higher.

“Spaying and neutering protects pet health, improves pet behavior, and lessens the burden on animal shelters and taxpayers,” says Gina Schwin-Whiteside, Animal Shelter Manager. “In addition to the free event we invite citizens to sponsor the spay or neuter of at least one animal: a free-roaming cat; a friend’s, neighbor’s, or family member’s pet; a needy citizen’s pet; or a shelter animal awaiting adoption. Encourage friends and neighbors to do the same!” Apple Valley Animal Services are accepting donations in any amount.

This program builds on the success of Spay Day USA.  Since it’s inception in 1995, participants have altered nearly 1.5 million animals. The number of homeless animals euthanized in the U.S. has fallen from approximately 13.5 million in 1973 to about four million currently.

For more information, please call (760) 240-7000 x 7555, visit

Quick facts:

  • Due to pet overpopulation a shelter animal is euthanized every 8 seconds in the USA every day.
  • 18% of cat guardians say they are not able to afford spay/neuter surgery.
  • Over half (56%) of dog guardians and nearly two-thirds (63%) of cat guardians rank pet overpopulation as the most important pet issue.
  • The average cost for shelters to handle each homeless animal is $176.

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