A day with “Magic”


By Miguel Gonzalez

Editor and Founder

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Earvin "Magic" Johnson and Ken Alstott.

 (Victorville)– San Bernardino County Fair CEO Ken Alstott knew Thursday would be an interesting day, but never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be having lunch with NBA Legend and Entrepreneur Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Alstott, a proud Boston Celtics fan, volunteered to pick up “Magic” at Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA).

While en route to High Desert Opportunity (HDO), Johnson decided to pick Alstott’s brain. “He asked how much I paid for my vehicle, I told him I got a great deal because I bought it used and while gas prices were very high,” Alstott said of his white Hummer. “He (Magic) told me: ‘I like the way you think’,” he added.

Alstott, known as a straight shooter in the High Desert business community, was also not shy about revealing to Johnson his loyalty to the Celtics. “Then on the way here, I found out Ken was a Celtics fan I said, ‘you are going to have to ride on the roof of the car’,” Johnson joked during his speech to attendees at HDO.

“Magic’s” speech went over schedule and Alstott received word that it was imperative he drive back the sports legend to SCLA so he could make a Boys and Girls Club award dinner in Los Angeles. “When we were taking him back, he saw a Farmer Boys Restaurant and asked us to have lunch with him,” said Alstott still surprised.

Alstott and Apple Valley Economic Development Specialist Orlando Acevedo went into the restaurant with the 6’9” superstar and sat for a memorable meal. “People kept coming by our table and “Magic” was happy to take pictures with them.”

Alstott, who is used to dealing with celebrities and music stars because of his role with the county fair, said he was very impressed with Johnson’s relaxed approach to his own fame. “He was just such a great person to everyone, it was a great experience.”

After the meal, Johnson was dropped off to make his short flight to L.A. and Alstott was left with great memories of the day “Magic” delivered a very positive business message to the High Desert.

Yes, Alstott is still a Celtics fan, but he also now roots for the Hall of Fame # 32 purple and gold jersey.

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