Applause: VVWRA Receives $3 Million State Grant.

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Thinking outside the box: VVWRA.

(Victor Valley) – The Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority (VVWRA) has received a $3 million grant to help improve the quality of water released from its treatment facility, which was recently ranked as the second best plant of its size in the state.    “I am pleased that VVWRA was able to secure this grant,” said VVWRA Commissioner Rudy Cabriales. “The project will not only satisfy new requirements from the state, but further protect the health and well-being of our citizens.”

VVWRA’s Phase IIIA project will improve the quality if its treated water to meet new state-mandated guidelines.

 The grant will bring the estimated cost of the project from $24 million to $21 million. The process to become eligible for the grant included an extensive financial review by the state of California.   “This grant will be a great help as we move forward in improving the water quality of our plant as well as seeking additional funds for our proposed, cutting edge, recycled water facilities,” said Logan Olds, General Manager for VVWRA.  

The grant, awarded by the State Water Resources Control Board, will make it easier for VVWRA to fund future projects in its sewage collection system as the agency continues to protect the quality and quantity of the Victor Valley’s most precious resource.

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