Good news: Hesperia to receive $1 million grant to be used towards the construction of the Ranchero Underpass.


By Miguel Gonzalez

Editor & Founder

Progress: City of Hesperia.

(Hesperia)— The proposed Ranchero Underpass in Hesperia took a giant step Wednesday night when City Manager Mike Podegracz told the City Council that Hesperia will be the recipient of a $1 million grant.

The award will be directed towards the construction of the much needed underpass. “This was based on some grant work the staff did,” Podegracz said.

Podegracz asked Director of Development Scott Priester to give a report to the City Council on the money, which was awarded by the Transportation Department of the State of California.

“The State of California does have some transportation money available through the Proposition 1B program,” said Priester. “We submitted applications for funding. The latest submittal had $11 million available.”

According to Priester, 27 cities applied for a piece of those $11 million and the Hesperia application ranked fourth overall and was the top application from San Bernardino County.

Priester also said that the grant will allow the city to “back-out” some money out of the project that will be dedicated to funding of other city road projects.

The money is expected to be officially awarded by the Transportation Department of the State of California on November 4.

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