On a path to a dream


"Air Bear" Castillo

By Miguel Gonzalez

Editor & Founder

Forget for a second that he is only 11 years old, when you talk with Aaron Castillo you would think he is interviewing you to become his sports agent.

Castillo has a plan and while it involves fun times, he is all business. The Apple Valley resident has been catalogued among the top prospects at his position and recently was touted as a quarterback of the future in an extensive story in www.qbweekly.com.

Despite the attention at such a young age, Castillo, nicknamed “Air Bear” by his family, keeps his head cool and his feet on the ground. “I have school to think about and my dad tells me to be a kid,” Castillo said. “These are supposed to be some of the best years of my life, so I am going to enjoy them.”

Castillo possesses a natural talent. His foot work is intense, his vision is dead-on and his long arms are precise.

To make sure he does not become burnt-out on football, Castillo’s father, Frank, has placed him in other sports such basketball, baseball and track, where last year he won bronze at the California Track Meet. “He knows that with great talent comes great responsibility,” the older Castillo said. “He is growing up to be a very responsible young man and his family supports his dream.”

“Air Bear” Castillo is about goals: play high school football, earn a  full ride scholarship to either USC, Oregon or Stanford and then move on to the NFL. “My dad says it will take a lot of work and I know that I need to go out and work for it,” explained the sixth grader.

For now, college scouts have come calling and are following him through his career with the Apple Valley Rattlers and Sycamore Rocks Elementary School.

Castillo has grand dreams that involve not only being the first Victor Valley QB to start for a Division-1 University. “I want to win The Heisman Trophy,” he said.

And while many may concentrate on his natural ability to play with the pig skin, his demeanor and maturity level is something to highlight. “I want my kids to go to college and graduate, if they can play football, it would be great, but they know an education is something that needs to be achieved,” Frank Castillo said.

While that happens, younger Castillo will continue to team up with his best friend and running back Bobby Wiley and, yes, watching his favorite cartoon. “I love SpongeBob SquarePants. Hey, I’m still a kid,” the young quarterback points out.

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