Positive: Test Scores continue to rise in Apple Valley.

Staff Reports

AVUSD: Improving education.

(Apple Valley)–Apple Valley’s Unified School District primary purpose is to educate students to their full potential.  AVUSD continues to show the dedication of their dedicated teachers and staff by ranking high in the API point category. 

 When California first adopted the API as a measure of student achievement of the state’s content standards, 800 was the target.  This year AVUSD registered two schools who have reached the 900 API point category, Rio Vista Elementary and Sycamore Rocks Elementary.  

 Apple Valley High School grew 67 points last year, taking back the STAR from Granite Hills High School.  The STAR was presented at the GHHS vs. AVHS Football game at half-time.  Yucca Loma Elementary grew 52 points and is now a top 800 Club school.  

Below is a breakdown of our achieving schools:

900 Club – Rio Vista Elementary and Sycamore Rocks Elementary

800 Club – Yucca Loma Elementary, Sandia Elementary, Vanguard Preparatory, Sitting Bull Academy, Desert Knolls Elementary

700 Club – Rancho Verde Elementary, Mariana Elementary, Apple Valley High School, Granite Hills High School

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