Victorville Chamber members expect to broaden business perspective with China trip


Miguel Gonzalez

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(Victorville)–Thinking outside of the box is nothing new for the Victorville Chamber of Commerce. On Sunday, the organization will step into uncharted territory by becoming the first local chamber to have their members take a trip to China as part of their International Discovery Program.

On Sunday Morning, 51 members of the chamber will depart Victorville for Beijing for a nine day trip that is sure to broaden the horizons of all attendees.

“We believe that the more citizens are informed, the better decisions they can make not only for their businesses, but also their communities,” Chamber Director Carol Yule explained.

The trip will take attendees to the Chinese cities of Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai and Beijing where they will also attend the World Economic Expo. In addition, chamber participants will also see Tiananmen Square, The Great Wall and the Tomb of Ming.

Desert Valley Hospital CEO Margaret Peterson said to be very excited to make the trip and learn business practices from that part of the world. “I am anxious to see the business practices that have changed the world economy and see if there is anything we can bring back home,” Peterson explained.

Besides serving as an extraordinary opportunity to visit the fastest growing economy in the world, the trip is also being used as a tool to help supplement the decreasing revenues of the local chamber.

“The credit goes to (chamber CEO) Michelle Spears,” Yule explained. “She discovered that some chambers were sponsoring these trips which represent a way to help with revenue while traveling safely (to a foreign country) in a group environment.”

Yule added that a lot of positive is riding on this trip. “Our hope is to build goodwill and perhaps next year expand to two foreign trips.”

Peterson said she is hopeful she will be making a visit to a local Chinese hospital on this trip. “To see the way this country operates and the energy of its people is going to be something very memorable.”

The ultimate goal, chamber organizers said, is to help broaden the views of members and, hopefully learn new business practices that can help propel businesses at the local level.

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  1. Mike Rothschild
    October 17, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    This is a great idea and Jean and I will bring back new perspective as we get more investors in the EB 5 program at SCLA.

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