Barstow update: More areas cleared.

  (Barstow)– Golden State Water Company’s Barstow Water System which serves the City of Barstow and surrounding unincorporated areas exceeded perchlorate levels For more information visit:

Golden State Water Company
Or Call 1-800-999-4033

Restrictions are lifted for the following areas: Click on Map
Golden State Water Advisory Update 11/22/10

FOR AREAS with lifted Restrictions: Before Citizens resume drinking water, they must first follow the following steps…
(1) Turn on all the cold water faucets for five minutes.
(2) Then turn on the hot water until the water turns cold. 
(3) Throw away any ice that was made from tap water.

For Public Information Meetings ~ click to view

The Official Water Distribution Centers :

Golden State Water Company 1521 E. Main St. 8am – 8pm

Sport Park  2800 Mayor Katy Park Way 8am – 5pm  

Cora Harper Fitness Center 841 Barstow Rd. 24hrs

2600 West Main Fire Station 2600 W Main 24 hrs ~ Bulk water for Animals Only

Disabled Residents -who are unable to obtain water from the distribution center should call (760) 256-7571 or (760) 256-1614 between 9am to 7pm.  Please be patient  and continue to call until you have been helped.  Please do not call 911. Large Animal (livestock) owners please (760) 256-7571 or 760 256-1614. 

State of California Domestic Well Testing

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