Better local healthcare? KPC spokesman pledges improvements that will ultimately benefit High Desert patients.


By Miguel Gonzalez

Editor & Founder

KPC Principal Dr. Kali Chaudhuri.

 (Victorville)– The possible takeover of Victor Valley Hospital by Riverside hospital management firm KPC Global could mark a positive step for healthcare in the High Desert, said a company spokesman on Friday.

Bill Thomas, general council to KPC Global principal Kali Chaudhuri, explained in a phone conversation that his company is very interested in coming to the Victor Valley and encourage a system run by doctor’s recommendations. “Other firms run their business model by canceling relations with major health plans,” said Thomas. “Dr. Kali Chaudhuri has a proven track record of turning around hospitals and making them profitable with the assistance of the local physician community.”

On Friday, KPC, and its $37 million offer, was declared the winning bid to take over Victor Valley Hospital. KPC still needs approval from the Victor Valley Hospital board and the support of the Office of the Attorney General to change the status of the hospital from non-profit to for profit. “With these approvals and a bit of luck, we could take over the operation of the hospital by the beginning of 2011,” Thomas said.


Asked how the average Victor Valley resident would be benefited by the change in management at the hospital, Thomas explained that KPC intends to work directly with local physicians and treat healthcare more as a community issue and less as a business. “Our intention is to maintain all employees, maintain the same vendors and suppliers relationships, but most of all we would like to have an open management staff available to all doctors.”

KPC Glogal has interests in healthcare and related industries in both the United States and India. Dr. Chaudhuri has practiced medicine world-wide including in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and in Southeast Asia, according to company-released information.

KPC also manages four hospitals in Orange County and two in Riverside County. Thomas said that it is his company’s intention to pay off the estimated debt of $20 million Victor Valley Hospital has incurred. “In addition, we are looking to improve services and expand relationships with the current health service providers, something that will give more people a chance at better care,” Thomas said.

The lack of a trauma center in the Victor Valley has been for years a subject of intense discussion. Thomas said Dr. Chaudhuri’s operates a major trauma center in Orange County and the plan is to implement many innovative techniques and services to Victor Valley Hospital. “Let me be clear, I’m not saying we are going to come in and install a trauma center, but we will analyze all ways in we can improve service to the population.”

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