Charities making the biggest impact in the High Desert: tell us about them and we will feature them here!

Helping others: no bigger satisfaction in life.

 (High Desert)—Which High Charity is your favorite? Which one is making the biggest difference in your opinion?

We at High Desert Daily want to honor and bring attention to the many charities we have locally and the top ten that receive the most votes, will be featured in this website along with a photo gallery!

The end of the year is without a doubt the busiest time for charities, we would like to help by highlighting their wonderful work and get our readers to think about giving and helping the less fortunate.

If you would like to participate, all you have to do is write an e-mail to with the subject “Pick my charity” and inside the body of the e-mail the name of the charity. We will do the rest and feature all of them in the next three weeks.

Pass it on, let’s help those who need it the most.

These holidays, let’s not let a child in the High Desert go without a toy or family without a meal. Positive thinking can move mountains.

Miguel Gonzalez

High Desert Daily Editor & Founder.

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