Happy Thanksgiving from Congressman Buck McKeon.

Looking back on a year of blessings; looking forward to a year of hope.

(Victor Valley) – In celebration of the 2010 Thanksgiving Day holiday, Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-Santa Clarita) made the following statement:

“In 1621 the pilgrims of the New World celebrated their first ‘Thanksgiving,’ taking time to not only break bread with their Native American neighbors, but to also recognize their accomplishments since landing at Plymouth Rock.  This initial ‘Thanksgiving’ was symbolic of how those early settlers survived; achieving prosperity in the face of adversity, maintaining optimism in spite of despair.

“Like the early citizens of this nation, we too have been faced with modern day adversities, and it is during trying times that Americans really come together as a nation.  Thanksgiving is a day devoted to appreciation and giving back and is perhaps one of the best ways to recognize the generosity, kindness, and caring acts of others.  This year, while surrounded by family and friends, let us take a moment to remember the selfless nature of this day and focus on what is truly important for our families, communities, states, and the country.

“Let us also take a moment to remember those who could not be with their families and friends this year for Thanksgiving.  The men and women of our armed services who so honorably and courageously defend our country deserve nothing less than our most heartfelt thoughts and prayers during their tours abroad.  Day after day, our troops continue to make sacrifices for the freedom of this nation, and if nothing else, we need to remember and be thankful for that.

“As the holiday season approaches, let us spend more time being thankful for all that we have, while devoting more of ourselves to bettering the lives of those around us.”

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