Moving forward: New Victorville Councilman Jim Kennedy looks to keep city leading SCLA and Victor Valley.


Miguel Gonzalez

Editor and Founder

Jim Kennedy follows the election on Tuesday night. Photo by Melanie Gonzalez.

 (Victorville)–Jim Kennedy never dreamt he would wake-up on the morning of November 3rd as a newly elected council member of the City of Victorville.

Yet today, Kennedy opened his eyes to new responsibilities that will keep the certified public accountant very busy for the next four years. “We have to immediately address problems such as the budget, the debt problems in the RDA (Redevelopment Agency) but I feel confident we can handle all of this,” Kennedy said in his first interview as a Victorville councilman.


Long term, Kennedy made no secret of his passion for issues related to water in the Victor Valley. “Am going to do what I can to encourage the council to create a water commission that can look at all water issues and advice the council,” Kennedy, a former director of the now defunct Victorville Water District, said.

Kennedy said it is a must that Victorville keep its position as the leading agency of Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA). “Victorville has got to maintain its role at SCLA. Some of the things they (past council members) have done with RDA bonds have not been brilliant, but improvements at SCLA are vitally important for this valley and I am going to stand behind that and keep moving in that direction.”

Kennedy considered that SCLA and the RDA will support the current debt it has and that the continued economic development of the base is key to the entire growth of the Victor Valley. “Am not in favor of changing the structure of VVEDA or any of the RDA decisions already made.”


Kennedy addressed the current state of politics that saw many incumbents voted-out of office and considered that the economy is to blame for much of that sentiment. “There is a lot of unhappiness towards incumbents. I think the truth is that those people (incumbents) have been doing the job as well as they believe they could do it. I think citizens attributed motives that are sometimes negative but the motives of public servants, in what I have been able to see, are not negative. These incumbents have been doing their best.”

Kennedy, who admits he is not among the most outgoing people, said the campaign taught him that Victorville is full of people who are positive and want the best for their community. “Am don’t easily warm up to strangers, but I have to say in this campaign I met so many wonderful people who told me their worries and it is for those people who I intend to serve in my role as council member,” Kennedy outlined.

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