My two cents: McEachron’s momentum could carry him to the highest office in Victorville.


By Miguel Gonzalez

Editor & Founder

McEachron addresses Caldwell (right).

 (Victorville)–Terry Caldwell’s council retirement party saw an estimated 200 people pay tribute for the longtime Victorville public servant. On Friday night, at least four different generations made it a point to pay homage to Caldwell who was the subject of many stories, anecdotes, jokes and a few teary moments.

The event, held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Victorville, brought out many of the High Desert’s elected officials, business leaders and community advocates.

But one of the most significant points of the night came when the symbolic “Change of the Guard” took place as Caldwell acknowledged the presence of Victorville Councilmember Ryan McEachron and his love for the City of Victorville. “Do not fail in  the mission of (keeping) Victorville as the main economic engine of this Victor Valley,” Caldwell told McEachron during his thank you speech.

McEachron, a widely respected business owner and rising star in Victor Valley politics, did not hesitate to signal that he is ready for a more visible position of leadership in the Victorville City Council.

In Victorville, every two years, the next mayor is voted on by his or her fellow council members. Caldwell’s public endorsement of McEachron positions the young councilmember as the challenger to beat for the seat currently being held by Rudy Cabriales.

The endorsement should not surprise many, McEachron was Caldwell’s planning commissioner and like Caldwell, McEachron is a pro-busines, pro-development family man with deep roots in the High Desert.

Both Caldwell and McEachron tend to listen to both sides of the issues before stating their opinion and have served  countless times as consensus builders in our community.

During Friday’s ceremony, McEachron pointed out the fact that Caldwell had already been a councilmember for nine months when he was born in early 1973. But jokes aside, Caldwell and McEachron have made it their goal to work as elected officials to bring good jobs to the area.

Sure, only the council has the power to vote in the next Mayor of Victorville, but the momentum that McEachron has built makes him a strong contender to lead Victorville in these difficult economic times.

Rudy Cabriales should be recognized for his two years as Mayor and his leadership during this difficult time, but should McEachron be able to maintain that momentum on December 7,  he will be the next mayor in Victorville and that is a positive choice.

Those are just my two cents.

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