Exclusive: Ryan McEachron to become new Victorville Mayor; calls for end of investigations and for the city to unite.

By Miguel Gonzalez

Editor & Founder

(Victorville)– Poised to become the next mayor of Victorville, Ryan McEachron, knows there are many challenges ahead, but none can be conquered without unity.

“These are difficult times for our city and we need to stand together. We may not agree on everything, but we are all united in the fact that we want a better Victorville,” McEachron told High Desert Daily.

McEachron is expected to be picked mayor by his fellow council members when they meet on Tuesday for what is to be the last Victorville City Council meeting of the year, High Desert Daily has learned.

A third-generation resident of Victorville, McEachron understands that local job creation and a revival of the construction of new homes are the keys to the city’s economic prosperity. “I want to take a complete new look at Southern California Logistics Airport and what we need to do at Foxborough Industrial Park to generate local jobs,” McEachron said.

Two years ago, and in response to the many questions surrounding Victorville, McEachron called for an independent investigation by the Public Integrity Unit of the San Bernardino County District Attorney to examine Victorville’s day-to-day dealings, which also gave way to and investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Today, McEachron has called for those investigations to come to an end. “I was the one that asked for the investigation, I am the one calling for its end. Either come up with some charges or clear everyone! The cloud of suspicion does not help our city move forward,” he said.

Asked directly if he suspected any wrong-doing by elected or employed officials of Victorville, McEachron said he did not believe so. “I have a real difficult time to understand why this investigation is still going on. The investigations have requested a mountain of documents and the fact that after all this time they have not come up with any charges is of great concern to me.”

A monumental issue once he takes the office of Mayor of Victorville, McEachron mentioned the construction of the La Mesa/Nisqualli intersection. “This is the kind of infrastructure that will help us keep our economy going,” he said.

McEachron said he will also take on the leadership current Mayor Rudy Cabriales showed during these past two years. “Rudy has to be commended for his leadership. He and his family care deeply for our city and I will not disappoint them in following his lead.”

Chief among his concerns, McEachron listed the possible takeover plan of First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt for SCLA. “Victorville needs to retain control of SCLA. I have told this to Brad and I expect him to respect and support the wishes of our city.”

McEachron said his two years as mayor will be about working along residents and community leaders to build a better Victorville.  “We need a unified voice in this city, Victorville is positioned well to reap the benefits of a good economy, but first we need to create a consensus.”

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