MWA Launches Community Ride-Along Program To Increase Transparency And Awareness.

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(Apple Valley)-—Only one local agency can take water from the California Aqueduct—but then what happens to the water?  Starting Monday, January 31, 2011, the public will get a behind-the-scenes look at how water from Northern California finds its way into High Desert homes and businesses.

Mojave Water Agency will launch its Community Ride-Along Program designed to give participants a first-hand perspective of how MWA fulfills its mission to manage local water resources.  Participants will spend four hours shadowing staff from several departments to learn what it takes to deliver water from the State Water Project—originating at Lake Oroville north of Sacramento—and how the Agency accounts for the water.

“This program ushers in a new era of transparency,” said Board President Mike Page.  “We’ve operated tours and have done a good job telling people what we do, the Ride-Along Program will show people what we do,” he added.  The Ride-Along Program will give participants exposure to real-time activities that staff conducts on a daily basis.  The program joins the Mini-Tour, ABCs of Water series and Facebook as several ways the Agency now helps stakeholders learn more about water.

“We’re proud of how we meet our mission and serve our constituents and we encourage the public to learn what we do,” said Page.  Although there will be a structured agenda and itinerary, no subject is off-limits according to Page.  The Ride-Along Program will be tried on an experimental basis for six-months after which a decision will be made whether to continue or not.

The Program will accept four participants per month who will be chosen randomly.  “Through this program we believe the public will definitely have a greater understanding of the challenges and successes we face daily,” said Page.

Participants must be 18-years of age and reside within MWA’s service area.  For information on how to register contact Michael Stevens at (760) 946-7067 or by email at:

Celebrating its 50th Anniversary, MWA was created by High Desert voters in July of 1960.  The Agency serves approximately 4,900 square miles of the High Desert in San Bernardino County, including the communities of Adelanto, Apple Valley, Barstow, Hesperia, Joshua Tree, Landers, Lenwood, Lucerne Valley, Newberry Springs, Victorville, Yermo and Yucca Valley.  MWA is the only water wholesaler in the region and has the ability to import water from the California Aqueduct to ensure a sustainable supply to meet present and future water demands.

For more information about Mojave Water Agency, visit our website: or Facebook page:  http:///, or to speak to someone call:  1-800-254-4242

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