Senior Citizen Recognition Day in Phelan Brings Generations Together.

By Al Morrissette

Special to High Desert Daily

Seniors enjoy a very well deserved meal at Serrano's Senior Recognition Day. Photo By Al Morrissette.

(Phelan)– Thursday, Dec 9, the Snowline joint Unified School District held their 15 annual Senior Citizen Recognition Day. The event is focused on showing appreciation for family patriarchs and community seniors who are often a resource of love and direction for community youth.

The doors of the Serrano High School performing arts center were open at 1:30pm and the 362 seats were quickly fill to capacity as school buses filled with gleeful seniors who were transported from the two community centers. Harmonic voices of Teree LaVogue, Annette Romero and Rachel Corvera brought the event into perspective with singing Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nosed-Reindeer and Candy Canes, while some guests chimed in as they found seats.

For several years, District Superintendent, Eric Johnston took the roll of Master of Ceremony, but this year his vision of having students take on the roll was well met by Allan Hennessey and Samantha Hall. The team of Hennessey and Hall brought corny jokes to life and did a remarkable job of introductions.

Serrano ASB President, Travis Munguia led the flag salute with support by students from Lindero Children’s Center and the Romero Family Child Care, plus while we stood to attention Monique Sanderlin and Brooke Kujawa sang the National Anthem. Superintendent Johnston and School Board President Mike Patterson gave welcoming comment giving thanks to the guest and showed support to the performing arts departments at all schools.

The Serrano Music Department provided Jazz tunes from the Jazz Band and a Wind Ensemble both conducted by Rex Aniciente flowed various holiday tones leading a variety of solo performances from Cameron Raps(The Christmas Song), Katy McDonald(A Christmas Song) and a duet from Bryce Crawford and Brooke Kujawa singing Remember Me.

Jessica Feuerstine and Shanna Guerrero mastered a comic rendition of the world famous Abbott and Costello skit, “Who’s On First”, but this skit had a Santa’s Workshop twist that kept the audience roaring in laughter.

Choir teacher, Tamara Cox took a moment to edify two of her choir teams, Vocal Point and Schitzophonics. Vocal Point is a large group that is the sounding block for many students seeking to hone their voices. Under Cox’s guidance they have become a formidable challenge to better funded schools, but obviously money is not as good a chorus maker as personal talent and a teacher of conviction as Vocal Point continues to gain notoriety throughout the state. The Schitzophonics have shown themselves to be premium as they have earned first place in the state for their class of choir. When the two groups took the stage it was evident that Cox’s bragging was met reality and fact as Vocal Point gave reverence to Mele Kalikimaka and Carol Suite followed by Schitzophonics singing Lullay Alleluia and Run to the Manger both bringing tearful joy to many an eye. A special touch to this event was the many students that performed the sign language of the songs and skits.

When the performance concluded and the guests were directed to the Gymnasium for a Turkey Dinner and time to mingle. The legion of students serving the seniors and other guests showed great respect and expedience. What was not evident was a bit of frantic from Kim Marksbury and Pam Wiley who led the food service part of this program. They initially planned for 220 guests to feed and when the auditorium completed capacity, they must have taken some manna from heaven because all were fed and left contented.

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