Leadership: Shaping today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.

Staff Reports

(Victorville)– Brentwood School of Business and Leadership, in partnership with the Victorville Chamber of Commerce, is preparing  the leaders of tomorrow through their Jr. Chamber Leadership Program.  To the delight of Chamber members, students charmed the audience during last week’s VMI breakfast at the Hilton Conference Center while Jr. Chamber member, Cindy El Jamrah, had them on their feet demonstrating the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”In addition to running monthly meetings, writing bylaws, and functioning as a governing body for the school, students also run school-based businesses and place a high importance on community service activities such as the “Be a Santa to a Senior” holiday program.  Students purchased over 100 gifts for local area seniors and are volunteering their time to wrap donated presents as well.

For more information on becoming a mentor, or attending a Brentwood Morning Insight meeting, please contact the Victorville Chamber at (760) 245-6506 or www.vvchamber.com.

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