The Magic of Giving: Kids Helping Kids for Christmas.

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

Staff Writer

Robert and Aiyanna Morales donated 148 stuffed animals to needy children. Photo by Nikki Garrett Metzger.

(Victorville)– Robert and Aiyanna Morales just wanted to help out kids in the hospital this Christmas.  Their generosity found a very grateful group of volunteers at Santa’s Closet for the Fill the Ambulance program put on by the Desert Valley Charitable Foundation and American Medical Response .

This community effort culminated in a party and Santa’s Closet last week, where both of the Morales kids where able to experience the satisfaction of giving to those who need it the most.

“We saved all of the money that we could.  We did extra chores around the house.  We went to yard sales just to find teddy bears and stuffed animals,” said Robert Morales. “We had a bunch of stuffed animals and we thought about the kids in the hospital that are sick. We wanted to give them as many stuffed animals as we could.”

Robert and Aiyanna’s mom, Lydia, made several calls to find a place where the children could donate the stuffed animals. Earlier last week, Sylvia Gonzalez from the Desert Valley Charitable Foundation called her back and they made arrangements to accept the donation in time for the celebration.

Robert and Aiyanna brought in 148 stuffed animals to put in the gift bags for families who were participating in the Santa’s Closet party put on by Desert Valley Charitable Foundation and AMR.

Lydia Morales said the experience has been an unforgettable one for her kids, “They were so excited!  And they are having so much fun here.   They’ve been here all day, making friends instantly.”

Robert  Morales said, “My mom bought name tags and string. We cut up the strings, put the tags on stuffed bears, then I wrote ‘Merry Christmas from Aiyanna and Robert.’”

“I put the animals in the bags and I wrote the Merry Christmas on them!” added Aiyanna Morales.

Visibly proud, Lydia Morales said to be very happy at the lesson her two children had learned. “I want them to understand giving.”

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  1. Holly
    January 3, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    Aww!! These kids have such sweet lil’ souls! Thanks to their Mommy of course! And what a great lesson to learn! It truly is better to give than to receive! Good job guys!

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