Community embraces Pinion Hills fire victims

By Al Morrisstte

Special To High Desert Daily

The remains of a tragedy. Please help this family. Photo By Al Morrissette.

On Wednesday, Jan 6 the news about the Shinedling family”s home fire spread quickly throughout the Tri-Community. Through several avenues, an outreach has developed to embrace the family who not only lost their home but also their loving mother.

The previous evening Aaron and his wife Amy played with their children and let the kids campout on the living room couch. Sometime during the night 3 year old Ava took refuge from her older sisters Addy and Alexia who pushed her off the couch.The point of refuge was in mom and dad”s bed. Wednesday morning Aaron woke up to a smoke filled room and immediately woke Amy and Ava, he led them to the couch where Addy and Alexia were.

Aaron led his family out of the heat and smoke filled home, he heard Amy fall down and they shared some words, but when he and the children entered the fresh air, Amy was not with them. Aaron re-entered the home and was met with a wall of heat, flame and smoke that literally took his breath away. He looked toward the hallway and only blackness and heat was there, he looked behind him and saw the image of one of his daughters in the doorway.

He knew if he went forward his daughters might follow and his choking reminded him of how precious life is, so he turned to his daughter to keep her safe.

Firefighters wearing respirators were there quickly and saved the family’s dog but Amy was still on the hallway floor. At the age of 35 she had already endured knee replacement surgery and was going to have to other replaced shortly, Rheumatoid Arthritis was the major cause of her need to be a stay at home mom but she was there for her daughters as a Girl Scout leader and Regional Secretary for the Tri-Community AYSO.

Aaron is the Regional Commissioner for the Tri-Community AYSO, helped in the planning of the Phelan Pinion Hills CSD 80 acre park and is a dedicated teacher at Silverado High School working with challenged kids.In trying to keep his kids busy and in a normal situation they attended an AYSO Play Off in Palmdale.

To their surprise many teams wore duct tape armbands with the letters A M Y stenciled out of the tape. The tournament gathered over $800 for the family as just part of what the soccer community has donated, but for Aaron that weekend was like a part of “Angels in the Outfield” as his two daughters each scored two goals and they shared with dad that they felt mom’s presence.

Donations of clothing and toys are being collected at Pinon Mesa Middle School and Pinon Hills Elementary, Heritage school is also collecting donations of money or gift certificates from Target and Stater Bros. Two bank accounts have been set up at Desert Community Bank, one for the family and the other for funeral expenses (just say your donation is for Amy Shinedling). The Tri-Community Girl Scouts are doing a fundraiser as well as Silverado High School and Hook Middle School where Aaron taught for many years as a 7th grade teacher.

Several churches including the Church of Living Water and the LDS church are helping as well as the Phoenix Foundation in Apple Valley. Clothing size for Aaron is 34W pants, medium shirt and 91/2 shoes, Addy is a women’s size 3, Alexia girls size 12 and Ava 4T “I would like to thank everyone for their love and support towards my family”, Aaron stated, adding, “Please keep praying for my family as we still are struggling at this time”. Concluding, “Once again, there really isn’t any words out there to describe how much my family appreciates what you have done for us”.

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  1. Debbie
    January 12, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    Nice coverage but leaving out all the local nonprofit Phoenix Foundation and Julie NORTON is doing also.

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