High Desert Daily’s Game Changers Of 2011 Series: Martha Brodie

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville) –High Desert Daily will be running a series of articles called Game Changers during the month of December. The individuals spotlighted as Game Changers have made a positive impact in our community this year, going above and beyond all expectations. The first Game Changer we proudly present to you is Martha Brodie.

“I was born in Fontana, California. I am one of six children, both my parents worked at and retired from Kaiser Steel. I have two daughters, Linda and Theresa. I have a wonderful husband of 30 years, Bob – he is probably my biggest cheerleader. He lets me do whatever I need to do to serve my community, which is phenomenal.”

Brodie is one of the most well known figures in the High Desert, whether from the various chambers of commerce or any of the other events and organizations she has made an impact on. Most notably, she is known as one of the biggest advocates for seniors in our community: from her time at Home Instead Senior Care to her new position at Odyssey Hospice, to being one of the co-founders of the High Desert Seniors Forum.

“I think one of the things I am most proud of is that my dear friend Dave Greiner from Greiner GMC and I co-founded the High Desert Senior Forum. It was Dave’s vision, and we worked together to create this forum. It gives seniors the opportunity to meet on a monthly basis to tell us what they want to hear about, and share their concerns and needs. I remember the first time we had it, we only had four seniors show up. In November, we had almost 75. So Dave and I are very proud we brought this forum to the High Desert.”

David Greiner, President of Greiner Buick GMC, spoke about his friend and fellow creator of the forum in high regard, “She does everything, she is the sole person for senior issues up here. I mean, there is no one better, and no one else takes it on like she does. Her record is impeccable.”

“My dad once told me that he felt the seniors were the forgotten souls of our country, and I always carried that with me. In 1999 I decided I wanted to help seniors in any way that I could,” Brodie commented on her time spent assisting seniors in the community.

In addition to the senior forum, Brodie has helped many seniors during her time at Home Instead Senior Care, where she worked for five and a half years. She is now assisting seniors in another way at her new employer, Odyssey Hospice. “I am new to Odyssey by two days, I am very excited for my new journey.”

Mary Hennessy-Fischl, Executive Director of Odyssey Hospice in Victorville, was elated to welcome Brodie into the Odyssey family. “When you think of senior advocacy in the High Desert, she is the poster child.” Odyssey Hospice has been in the High Desert community for four years now, just recently celebrating their four-year anniversary. Greiner added in regards to Martha’s new position with Odyssey, “They are lucky to have her, she is literally a game changer in everything she does.”

Along with assisting the senior community in the High Desert, Brodie has played a major part in many events and programs, including serving meals to the less fortunate at The Lord’s Table, which she will be doing again on December 23. Mayor of Victorville Ryan McEachron touched on some of the events Brodie has been a part of; “This last year she has done a tremendous amount, from her involvement with the Santa for a Senior program, to the Tree Lighting Ceremony and Christmas Parade for the City of Victorville and the Victorville Chamber of Commerce. She played instrumental roles in all of those events and programs. She’s an amazing person, and I am excited that she is being recognized for all of the good she is doing in the community.”

Yet, to Martha, she is just doing what she loves to do. “My belief is that you give back. I have been blessed. I feel that doing what I do in the community for the seniors is truly my calling. I feel that we all have a calling in life, and I truly feel mine is with seniors. To me, if I can touch the life of one senior each day, then it’s been a good day. When I’m gone, I want people to say that I did make a difference. That’s all I want: to know that I made a difference.”

With the New Year approaching, Brodie sees exciting times ahead at her new employer and in the community. The High Desert Senior Forum will be expanding to Apple Valley so that more seniors can benefit from it. “I know 2012 is going to be a phenomenal year.”

The High Desert Senior Forum meets the first Thursday of every month at the Greiner Buick GMC showroom in Victorville. For more information on the forum, you can reach Martha Brodie at Odyssey Hospice at (760) 241-7044.

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