Rummage Sale a Rousing Success!

Girl holding sign is Samantha Greenlee, Sharon's daughter.

By Nikki Metzger

With a great location on the corner of Bear Valley Rd and Cottonwood in Hesperia, the Rummage Sale organized by Connie Oxier for the Shinedling family of Pinon Hills was a ROUSING success!

Connie and her helpers had been collecting items for 2 weeks.  There were even last minute donations early on the morning of the sale.  There was everything from furniture to books, kitchen items, clothes, skates, collectible items and more.

Brian Greenlee and his family showed up on the morning of the sale to drop off some items.  He asked if he could help and was put on “sign duty”. Brian explained, “I read about what happened to that family and I immediately wanted to help. But I am on disability and my wife is unemployed, so we didn’t have any money.  We went through the garage and brought some items down for the sale.”

Brian also brought his brother and sister-in-law, plus their kids and one other niece to help. They all stood along Bear Valley Rd with signs directing everyone to the sale.

Sharon Greenlee, Brian’s sister-in-law said, “My brother-in-law told me they were having a rummage sale. I said we’ll be there and we’ll bring stuff and we’ll just help out because it really touched our family.”

By the end of the day, once all was done and cleaned up, Connie was pleased with the results.

“We made $1,100. It was such an awesome turn out! It was so wonderful seeing how much the community cares. Thanks to everyone!”

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