Rummage Sale on to Raise Funds for Pinon Hills Family

When Connie Oxier heard about what happened to the Shinedling Family on the morning of January 5th, she immediately wanted to help. “I felt bad for them, but I didn’t have any cash to donate.  I had an idea – lots of people have stuff they want to get rid of, and I am a really good seller.” So she organized a rummage sale to raise funds to donate to the Shinedling family.

The sale will start Saturday morning at 9am in the parking lot of Pop’s Pizzeria, 14875 Bear Valley Road on the corner of Cottonwood in Hesperia. Connie will be there between 5-7am to collect items and organize. She can be reached at 760-987-8348.

Anyone wanting to donate items can do so before the sale.  There will be some great things available to buy. “I already have a couple of truckloads of stuff.  We want to price things for right so they will sell.”

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