Code Of The West Civil Reenactment Debuts This Weekend At Roy Roger’s Ranch Oro Grande

By Ashka Patel

(Victor Valley)–Get set this weekend for a Old West Historical  Extravaganza. The show will take place at Roy Rogers Ranch in Oro Grande. It’s a  great event to bring your children and show them a cultural and historical piece  from US History. The show is similar to Buffalo Bill and will take place from 8  am – PM on Saturday April 2, 2011. The show is also priced quite fairly at $6.00  per vehicle. There will also be live music!  The show will present Living  History, Literary & Dramatic Adventure, Political Satire Information,  & Wit!

The Producers of the show,Code of the West Old West Repertory  Company of California have doing this since 2002. Their goal has been to collect  talented kindred spirits to work in a close & committed troupe to provide  dramatic and/or historically based plays in order to educate while entertaining.  Every member is dedicated to the vision set before them of respect & loving  appreciation of our ancestors.

Their offerings take you  through California’s history as well as what really happened in Dodge City,  Kansas; El Paso, Texas and several locations in Arizona. In addition to “true  accounts” the troupe has taken liberty with cinematic creations as well as  turning music & cowboy poetry into plays.Their members make special  appearances of historical & whimsical characters in what they call: “Walk  Through The Wild West” Characters out of history come to life. The members  invite you into their lives wearing carefully chosen attire; as their stories  are told, selected music plays to set the mood. The troupe promises “to leave  the  audience educated, entertained and with a memorable experience to take  with them.”

Wicked Red Thorn aka Julia Arbaugh stated,  “Our  reenactments are inspired by history…this event is being sponsored by one of our  members who is also in a Gold Mining Group. Our shows will run 20 – 30 minutes  usually. We are one form of entertainment there will also be the Cross Town  Cowboys…TERRIFIC band. and all around nice guys.” It’s a great family event to  attend this weekend and Please feel free to visit the shows web site _www.codeofthewest.net_ (

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