Dead Redondo Beach Sardines Benefit Local Victorville Business.

The Unfortunate Incident With The Redondo Beach Sardines Will Now Benefit A Local Business. Photo

By Miguel Gonzalez


(Victorville)–After an estimated 65 tons of sardines died of lack of oxygen in Redondo Beach, a local Victorville business is reaping the benefits of this unfortunate event.

Local compost facility California Bio-Mass, Inc. started receiving on Wednesday tons of sardines which will now be processed into compost materials, according an employee who spoke High Desert Daily. “They started arriving by the truck yesterday and now we are turning them into compost material that can be used in gardens,” employee Debbie, who would not give her last name, told High Desert Daily in a phone conversation.

Redondo Beach’s King Harbor has picked up nearly 35 tons of dead fish, but experts say there could be another 30 tons in the shallow waters.

The California Bio-Mass employee expects all fish to come to Victorville. “This is unexpected business, but it helps our company,” she said.

Caption: A Redondo Beach Volunteer Removes A Small Portion Of The Estimated 65 Tons of Dead Sardines. Photo

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