High Desert Projects to Bring Jobs and Capital into the High Desert

Buck Johns

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)Inland Energy Inc. President Buck Johns brought a positive voice to his overview of several ongoing projects which will infuse needed capital into our high desert. Eldon Heaston (Mojave Desert AQMD) and Kirby Brill (Mojave Water Agency) were asked by Buck to explain the impact of these projects on their industries. Terry Caldwell was also asked to comment on the history and progress of the High Desert Power Project.

We are extremely lucky to have seven huge projects in the making, all of which Buck touched on. He presented a great PowerPoint Presentation as well as many visual aids. To name a few of these important projects:

2003 High Desert Power Project (award winning) / DesertXpress High Speed Passenger Train / Inland Port / So. Cal. Logistics Airport / E-B5 Investor Visa Program / Victorville 2 Hybrid Power Project / Energy from Waste Project. Buck cited several unique opportunities for building infrastructure in our area, and states strongly they will absolutely change the face of the high desert in the very near future. Many thanks to Buck Johns for the update on Inland Energy’s high desert projects.

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