Local Artist Creates A Wonderful Way To Remember A Loved One

By Nikki Metzger

High Desert Daily

(Apple Valley)– Memory Crystals  does that bring to mind the image of a piece of art? Tamara Prischmann of Glass Majik in Apple Valley is making turning memories into art that you can wear.

Tamara’s newest project in her custom art studio is Memory Crystals. As she explains in her brochure, Memory Crystals are One of a kind Cremation Pendants individually handcrafted with loving care and respect. The specialized process eternally encases your loved ones ashes in sparkling, fused dichroic glass.

It has been a process for Tamara to create these pieces. It all started about a year ago when a close friend lost her mother. Tamara explained, “My friend called to say her mom had passed away, that they were having her cremated, and that she wanted me to make a piece of jewelry for her. I told her that I didn’t do that, I didn’t even know how, and that she could find many places online that do. But she insisted. She said she would wait for me to figure it out. She didn’t care if it took 1 year or 5 years, she would wait.”

A short time later Tamara was visiting her cousin who happens to be a mortician in San Francisco and she told him about it. He introduced her to memory beads. So Tamara started researching and testing them out in her home studio.

“Well, the beads are pretty difficult. I worked doing the beads for several months, but then I decided to go in a different direction and make the pendants instead. I wanted my own shape and I was looking for something that would be uniquely mine. Not easily copied,” Tamara said.

She continued, “I came across this refrigerator magnet, that turned out to be the actual shape that I used, and on the magnet it said Destiny. It is partly the shape of a tear drop and partly the shape of a guitar pick. And since the ashes that I’ve mostly been working with were of a dear friend who collected guitar picks, it just seemed right.”

Tamara did a lot more experimentation. Working with the ashes was not easy. She explains, “ash bubbles up in the kiln. It also blows up in the beads. Once it hits a certain temperature it reacts, so it took a lot of experimenting.”

She also incorporated crystals that she picked up during a visit to Big Bear Lake. They’re tiny tiny little fairy crystals, and I’ve been wondering what to do with them. I put some in the memory pendants, and I was SHOCKED! The co-efficiency of glass and the co-efficiency of the crystal is the same and that NEVER happens. A rock and glass “ no no no. It never happens and it was amazing”

The dichroic glass causes an array of color to be displayed as the light passes through or is reflected off of the pendant. Each piece contains tiny quartz crystals, plus it can contain a small silver charm.

“The process is one of a kind that completely and permanently seals the loved ones remains in glass by fusing them into one solid piece. There is no glue or sealant to come apart. This is a permanent piece of living art that will stay with you and your family forever” she writes on her website.

The pendants can be viewed online at Tamara’s website _ HYPERLINK “http://www.glassmajik.net” _www.glassmajik.net_. She also has images of some of her other work. Tamara has been doing glass work for over 25 years and has had pieces on display in many places in the High Desert, as well as other locations in California and Hawaii. A signature glass piece can be seen at the Church of the Pacific in Kauai, and that window was seen in the movie “Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?”

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