Making A Difference: Victorville Police Arrests 3 Impaired Drivers

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)–On Thursday night, March 17th, 2011, the Victorville Police conducted a DUI Saturation program. The saturation focused on drivers who have made the choice to drive after consuming alcohol and while impaired. The saturation was a major success with a total of 3 drivers arrested for driving while impaired and their vehicles were towed as a result.

This saturation is part of a series of traffic safety programs designed to create safer roadways in the City of Victorville. Other traffic safety programs conducted include: Speed Enforcement Operations, Courtroom Sting operations arresting unlicensed/suspended drivers, and Sobriety/Safety Checkpoints.

Victorville Police Department utilizes grant funding from the Office of Traffic Safety to have deputies conduct the operations. Due to the grant funding from OTS, there was no local cost to the residents of Victorville for the operation.

The Victorville Police also targeted drivers who have chosen to drive without a driver’s license, or with a suspended license. A total of 1 driver was stopped and they were found to have suspended licenses. These drivers will be without the use of their vehicles for at least 30 days and the cost to retrieve their vehicles will be approximately two thousand dollars in storage fees along with a future court date to deal with the criminal case filed.

Vehicle Stops 5
Arrests for DUI 3
Arrests for other crimes 2
Vehicles impounding for 30 days 1
Citations for hazardous driving violations 1


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