Google Maps Street View Autos Visit Victorville.

Mistery. Google officials declined to comment on the presence of the Google Maps Street View cars in Victorville.

By Miguel Gonzalez

(Victorville)– Around 7:20 am this morning, an estimated 8 to 10 compact cars with 3D cameras on their roofs stopped at a local gas station on Bear Valley and Mariposa. The compact cars belonged to Internet giant Google and they were clearly identified as Google Maps Street View autos.

Street View, which was launched in 2006, allows users to virtually tour locations in 27 countries, has also infused animosity in many countries over the privacy issues involved in photographing buildings and homes without permission. Google collects three-dimensional images for the service by dispatching a fleet of camera-equipped vehicles to the locations.

When approached by High Desert Daily, the drivers of the Google cars declined to comment what local cities they were photographing. They also declined to give any information as to the reason of their Victorville stop. “We are not allowed to reveal our mission,” said a Google driver who declined to give his name.

Minutes after gassing up, the 8 to 10 vehicles headed east on Bear Valley Road attracting the attention of many commuters and residents who also wondered aloud why Google Maps Street View autos were in Victorville.

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