Runner Responds to Tax Freedom Day Announcement

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Board of Equalization Member Senator George Runner today responded to an announcement by the Tax Foundation that California won’t reach Tax Freedom Dayuntil April 16 this year, a full two days later than last year and four days later than the average state.

Senator Runner said, “As a result of the 2009 tax increases, Californians now have to spend two more days of their lives each year working for the government. Yet under the Governor’s proposed budget, Californians would be forced to work even longer each year just to pay their taxes. It should come as no surprise that the Governor is having a tough time selling his tax hikes.”

Recent polling by the Public Policy Institute of California shows declining support for the Governor’s proposed tax increases.

Tax Freedom Day, calculated annually by the Tax Foundation, is the day Americans have earned enough money to pay their annual tax obligations at the federal, state and local levels. The Tax Foundation also calculates a Tax Freedom Day for each state. As a result of Californians’ high tax burden, Tax Freedom Day in California is the 6thlatest in the nation.

“Californians are overtaxed,” added Senator Runner. “We work more than three months—106 days—just to pay the costs of government before we even begin to provide for our own families. Even so, the government still can’t live within its means. If we had to pay the full burden of all government spending this year, Tax Freedom Day wouldn’t arrive until late May.”

More information about Tax Freedom Day is available

Elected in November 2010, Senator George Runner represents more than 9 million Californians as a member of the Board of Equalization. For more information,

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