Scam: Phony Service Calls Target All Seniors

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)Impostors may fabricate stories regarding repairs to your home, services for your yard,
deliveries of pretend goods, or create false identities in an effort to convince residents that
they represent a service provider, law enforcement or government agency. They may even
threaten imposing fines as a form of intimidation.
Always request photographic identification of all persons requiring access to your home!
County Law Enforcement officers are warning residents about recent scams in which individuals
falsely represent themselves as city employees, mortgage company representatives and
landscapers in order to gain access and burglarize a home.
In some incidents, the scammer may be wearing what appears to be a uniform or official
identification tag. Scammers have gained access claiming a need to check the water flow of the
indoor faucets and to measure the back yard for a new fence. After entering the home, the men
stole jewelry and other valuables before leaving the residence.
Law Enforcement officers offered tips to reduce the chance of residential burglaries:
1. Keep your doors and windows locked! This includes your garage and patio doors.
2. Do not open your door to strangers and talk only through the door.
3. If someone at your door claims to be from an official agency – including the Police Department –
ask for the employee’s name, badge or employee number and photographic identification.
4. View their identification through a peep hole, do not open the door before verifying who they
5. Request the name and telephone number of their employer and call to verify the purpose of
their visit if you suspect foul play.
6. If you can not verify their information, telephone the police.
Remember: This is your home, visits can be rescheduled if you are not certain they are genuine.
If you think you may be a victim of a scam, contact
San Bernardino County Adult Protective Services (APS)
at 877-565-2020, or your local police department.

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