Victorville Mayor Calls For Unity, Positive Thinking In First State Of The City Address

Victorville Mayor Ryan McEachron

By Miguel Gonzalez


(Victorville)-One day before delivering his first ever State of the City address, Victorville Mayor Ryan McEachron said he plans to ask residents and local business for a more united community to help the City rise from economic trouble. “We need residents and business owners to be united. We need them thinking in a positive manner to help us maximize the opportunities for our city,” McEachron told High Desert Daily.

For McEachron creating well paying jobs is a sure way to stimulate the economy. “Am going to ask the Council to look at a five year recovery plan with some strategic planning for 10 and 20 years out.”

The Mayor also shared that locally, auto dealers registered stronger sales of cars which also means sales taxes increases for Victorville. “There is a lot of positive to be excited about. We think people are becoming confident that this economy is finally turning the page,” McEachron said.

The Mayor also said that the EB-5 response to the federal government will be ready to be filed by the end of this week, a big accomplishment to keep the EB-5 program alive in Victorville. “The more support we can get from the community in moving the City forward, the better we stand to do in improving the quality of life for residents of not only Victorville, but the entire Victor Valley,” McEachron said.

A native of Victorville McEachron said he was proud to lead this city in difficult times and asked

“It’s very exciting to serve the City under this position, I love the City of Victorville, I love the Victor Valley. To have the opportunity to shape some of the future of this valley is very important to me. I love this place and I want to continue to see this place prosper.”

McEachron laid out a number of very ambitious goals, chief among them being helping families live, work and play locally. “I want to create more jobs where people can work locally and not down the hill so they can attend their kids sports practices or just spend more quality time. That is my goal and that is why I call for unity and support, together we can be successful,” the Mayor concluded.

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