Eclipse Gallery Honors Student Artists In Exclusive Art Show

Honors Art Photos First Place Winner

By Nikki Metzger

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)– Eclipse Art Gallery held an awards ceremony to honor student artists from Victor Valley College this weekend. The gallery was full of people and music.  The band L1berty Valance Dreamers was performing for the crowd. The featured art included oil and acrylic paintings, photography, drawings, and sculptures

One of the nominated artists, Ivonne Nava was at the show. She spoke about the pieces she had on display, “Untitled was made from shoe boxes and house paint. It represents the up and down of life and it is all in stencils. The stencils are my initials – IN.”

Nava continued, “The sculpture of a cigarette, titled Petty, is from when I was trying to quit smoking. And ‘Chopstix’ is a module of four boxes, two on top and two on bottom. It is made completely from chopsticks.”

Ivonne is also an intern at the gallery. “I love sculpture and figure study. I also paint.  I love working here at the gallery because I get to meet the different artists,” said Nava.

The first place winner, Evan Spears, had three pieces that were all digital drawings. He wrote about his drawings, “These three pieces are selections from a larger series of digital drawings that deal with the act of drawing, specifically in the context of academic life drawing classes. They reference the classroom, the students, the act of drawing, and, ultimately, themselves.”

Second place winner was Megan Davis with three photographs. Davis wrote of her work, “Cleaning Day was one of my first attempts at using multiple clones of a person in a photograph. It was also one of my first conceptualized pieces of work.”

Davis also had a photograph using infrared photography techniques, and a piece that she explained was her attempt at telling a story with her photography, “The image evokes questions in the viewer, and they will linger longer on the piece of work.”

Third place winner was Rachel Rodriguez with a sculpture called “Mother Body Cast” and an acrylic piece.

The art included in the show is from students nominated by their VVC instructors.  Each student was to bring in 3 works and an essay. The winner will receive a scholarship – Eclipse Gallery put up $500 and the ASB put up $500.

The show will run through May 14th. The gallery is open Wed- Sat from 11:00am to 5:30pm on weekdays, and until 9:00pm on weekends. Visit their website to see blog entries and the calendar of events. Or “Like” them on their Facebook page – just search for eclipse gallery to get their status updates!

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