Free Prom Dresses Available At Apple Valley high School

By Nikki Metzger

(Apple Valley)– The Senior Prom is a rite of passage for teenage girls and boys.  However, in recent years, the cost to attend Prom has skyrocketed. Then add to that the cost of the dress, the shoes, having your hair done, tux rental, corsage and boutonnière…it can be a really expensive evening!

The Angels of Change, Desert Mountain Selpa Children Center, and Sun Devils Exchange have partnered to help local teens with their “Glamour Giveaway”. Brittany Woods, a senior at Apple Valley High School explained how the project came together, “Most of the schools in the High Desert are now charging $90-$100 per person to attend Prom, and a lot of girls are stressed because they simply can’t afford to buy a dress AND go to Prom. My mom and I were talking about it and realized there are SO many people in the High Desert area that have dresses that they don’t wear, including me! We decided to collect these dresses and give them out to girls for free so that they have the opportunity to go to Prom without having to buy a dress. They can still look nice and go with a date and just have fun their senior year.”

“We had 2 official dates where people could drop off dress donations. On the first date we collected 20 dresses. The second date we collected about 120 dresses. A lot of dresses have been dropped off at the school, or at my mom’s job. Some people went out and bought dresses to donate to us.  So we have a few dresses that are brand new with tags and everything,” Woods said.

The Glamour Giveaway of the free dresses has already begun. Saturday, April 16th was the official Giveaway day at Apple Valley High School from 10am-2pm. The HOSA group, Health Occupation Students of America, were on hand to help with the Giveaway.

Kim Connolly of Sun Devils Exchange was also there to help. She watched one young lady pick out a special dress. “She came in and picked out a beautiful dress. Several other girls had come in and tried the dress on, but it just didn’t fit them. This young lady tried it on and it fit perfectly.  She found a pair of shoes, accessories, everything she needed.  Her prom was tonight and she was all ready!”

The Sun Devils Exchange at Apple Valley High School is a program that has clothes available to students. The first Prom dress giveaway was last year. Woods explained, “They tried it last year but it didn’t go too well.  The dresses were out of style and they weren’t clean so none of the girls were really interested.”

Woods continued, “This year the event got REALLY big. We reached out to the community, posted flyers, and posted on Facebook. We currently have a little over 400 dresses. So this year is pretty much the first year of doing it BIG. We hope to continue to make it a big event every year.”

Free Prom dresses are still available at Sun Devils Exchange at Apple Valley High School, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4:30pm. Kim Connolly can be reached at 760-247-7206 ext 267 for more information.

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