George Runner Marks First 100 Days In Office

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– Board of Equalization Member Senator George Runner today outlined a number of ways he fought for taxpayers during his first 100 days in office.

“It’s an honor to help taxpayers each and every day,” said Runner. “California’s tax policies are complicated and confusing. As a result, taxpayers often end up in trouble even when they are doing their best to follow the law.”

Runner shared the story of a Bakersfield constituent who although she paid her taxes on time was charged a steep penalty by the Franchise Tax Board for not filing electronically. After unsuccessfully seeking relief from FTB, the constituent turned to her Assembly Member and Runner for help, which led to a full refund of the penalty and FTB changing its policy for all Californians. The relieved taxpayer recently described her experience in a letter to the editor of the Bakersfield Californian.

“I am busier than ever fighting for the forgotten taxpayer. Californians are overtaxed and overregulated, yet many Sacramento politicians are continuing to try to tax and regulate them even more.”

During his first 100 days, Runner established himself as a leader in the fight for California jobs. He is working to protect California’s enterprise zones, which the Governor is proposing to eliminate [see “Make All of California an Enterprise Zone“]. Runner also has been leading the effort to prevent online tax legislation that could destroy up to 25,000 California businesses known as affiliates [see “Unintended Consequences“].

Runner was appointed to chair the Board’s Property Tax Committee, a post he will use to help protect Proposition 13 and the rights of California property owners. He also chairs the Board’s Timber Advisory Committee.

During his first three months in office, Runner has reviewed and voted on scores of taxpayer appeals that have come before the board. He has also met with constituents, elected officials and BOE field staff located in five offices throughout his expansive district to hear their ideas for helping taxpayers and improving California’s business climate.

Runner also initiated an effort to seek taxpayer input regarding how BOE can better use 21st century technology to simplify and streamline taxpayer interactions with the agency.

Other Runner accomplishments include launching a Spanish language version of his website at and an outreach effort to Spanish-speaking business owners.

Elected in November 2010, Senator George Runner represents more than 9 million Californians as a member of the Board of Equalization. For more information, visit

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