Action Thriller Filmed In High Desert

Photo Courtesy Benny Haddad.

By Ashka Patel

High Desert Daily

(Lucerne Valley)–Steambot Studios recently filmed “Plug”   13 miles east of Lucerne Valley this week.  The synopsis is about  Leila, a spunky twenty year old on a quest for other life forms, finds her survival in jeopardy when she succeeds…

Plug is a short film produced by Steambot Studios that will be sold as a book and DVD package. It will include a beautiful 48 page making of art book, and a DVD with the 15 minute short film and 45 minute making-of and behind the scenes. The story and script were written by David Levy and Hatem Benabdallah, and directed by David Levy, a prominent concept artist in the entertainment industry. This short film combines a strong storyline, unique visuals and landscapes, all this running at high speed aboard fast machines.

In an interview with the film’s director Director, David Levy he stated,” that the High Desert’s Soggy Dry Lake Bed was the perfect location because it’s the most dramatic place to shoot.”

It took the crew about 7 days to produce the short film. The Production Company has shot so far in Willow Studios Los Angeles and now locally in the High Desert. The director expects the film to be released in late summer of this year.

The film is back dropped in 2092 era and David stated the synopsis was left short because he wanted to surprise the audience. The film is recommended for all ages. High Desert will give an update on the release of the film. Copies will be sold on Amazon and

David also was very grateful to the High Desert Community, ” We’re very thankful for the Soggy Dry Lake Bed and would like to thank the local community for being helpful and would like to thank our hotel staff at the Travel Inn & Suites for a pleasant stay. ”

Having a Production Company from Hollywood come and film in the High Desert was a great boost for local businesses and residents.  David’s previous projects were Tron, Alien, and The Thing as Art Designer. There are many locations and focal points in the High Desert that are a hidden treasure.

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