Anything But A Dog Day For Darcy The Heroic Akita

Akita Mix Darcy, her owner CJ DeAndrea (right) and Pimp My Dog owner Bobby Stanley all shared a wonderful moment unselfishness. Photos By Melanie Gonzalez/High Desert Daily.

By Miguel Gonzalez


(Adelanto) –Darcy the heroic dog woke up Saturday morning expecting only what every dog expects: to shower his master with love and kisses.

Little did Darcy know.   After reading the amazing story of how the 15-month-old Akita mix prevented what would have been a devastating fire at the house next door, High Desert Daily reader Briana Isaac decided to contact this publication to offer the owners of Darcy a free grooming/pet spa treatment.  “It was such a heartwarming story and it made me want to do something for this dog,” Isaac told High Desert Daily.

In came Bobby Stanley, owner of Pimp My Dog Mobile Pet Grooming who did not think twice when asked if he would provide his expertise for free to honor the heroics of Darcy.
“You hear about a story like that and it makes you do something good for somebody else. Good encourages good,” Stanley said.

Saturday morning, Stanley drove to the Adelanto home of Scott and CJ DeAndrea to groom Darcy and help her get rid of her overgrown coat.

While Darcy was glad to greet Stanley, CJ DeAndrea confessed she was a bit worried about the dog’s hyperactive manner. “She loves to see new people, but she can play rough sometimes in her excitement.”

There was nothing to worry about.   Stanley, who has been grooming animals for over 10 years, quickly developed a bond with the energetic Darcy, who very quickly became serene and allowed the grooming without incident.

“It was amazing how calm she became,” CJ DeAndrea said complementing the skills of Stanley.    The owner of the grooming service says he finds a special peace in being able to groom animals, especially those who, like Darcy, have the spirit of goodness.

CJ DeAndrea explained that part of Darcy’s abundant energy comes from months of dealing with a stressful situation, when last year her husband Scott was diagnosed with throat cancer.

The diagnosis meant many trips to hospitals down the hill while Darcy looked after the home. “She has always been so loyal to us and even though she is a big ‘wussy’ she has always come up big for us when it counts, ” said Darcy’s master in a loving manner.

After roughly an hour of grooming, a slimmer, more sparkling Darcy emerged from the grooming trailer to greet her master and then, promptly, Darcy directed herself to roll around the grass of her front yard.

“She has always been a happy dog, but thanks to Bobby, today she is an extra happy dog,” a very appreciative CJ DeAndrea said.

A fitting end to a story where a dog’s loyalty encouraged random acts of kindness among humans.
To reach Bobby Stanley and “Pimp My Dog Grooming” call them at (760) 981-8467 or find them by clicking on this Facebook link.

Click here to watch video of Darcy after getting groomed

3 comments for “Anything But A Dog Day For Darcy The Heroic Akita

  1. Bobby Stanley
    May 8, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    I want to thank Miguel Gonzalez for posting the story about Darcy. I also want to thank Mr.and Mrs.DeAndrea for allowing me to groom Darcy, she is a great dog, and has a great home. I hope to be able to groom Darcy again.

  2. Diane
    May 8, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    My heart was absolutely filled with pride to learn that my son Bobby was donating his time to treat a wonderful pet named Darcy to a spa treatment. She was one lucky dog to have found a home with the DeAndrea family. I also have a dog we rescued from an adoption agency and she couldn’t be a sweeter animal and friend along with my Corgi, my Border Collie, and my husbands Mini Weiner Dog. Thank you to Brenna for calling Bobby and giving him the opportunity to give something back to a great family pet.

  3. CJ DeAndrea
    May 8, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    When I told the story of what Darcy did to our friend Cassandra, (who works at Apple Valley Animal Services and helped us adopt Darcy),I just thought she would like to hear it. I had NO idea all of this was going to come out of it!! Thank you Charlene and Miguel from this website for your wonderful articles about Darcy!! And Brenna for contacting Bobby of Pimp My Dog!! Thanks so much Bobby for Darcy’s grooming!! I truly thought it couldn’t be done! She looks sooo beautiful!! It was a wonderful gift!!

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