Desert Valley Opens New Senior Wellness Center in Apple Valley

By Nikki Garret Metzger

(Apple Valley) – Desert Valley Medical Group hosted a Grand Opening and Ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday for the new Senior Wellness Center in Apple Valley.  The center is located just outside of the Jess Ranch community at 19181 Town Center Drive.

The new center has many services available, including free health screenings, wellness workshops, health education, and much more.

Dr. Venkamma Reddy said, “Here at the center they have exercise classes, nutrition classes, and dietitian consultations regarding taking care of weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.”

“The center will also offer healthy vegetable and fruit baskets once a week from the Farmer’s Market, one basket per week per senior. This is one way of promoting the good nutrition of the seniors. The availability of the fresh produce makes it convenient for the patients to prepare healthy meals,” explained Dr. Reddy.

The new center has a large meeting area, 2 exam rooms, a physician’s office, and conference room or consultation room. It is staffed by volunteers from the Hospital Auxiliary.

Dr. Reddy said, “Also there are volunteers available to guide seniors through their healthcare questions eligibility for insurance or about in-home caregivers. Even questions about hospice care.”

Dr. Vincent Sabo, Chief of Staff for Desert Valley Hospital said, “The center is an expansion of the charitable foundation of the hospital. It is going to offer the ability to have more community people together at one time. It is also going to offer the information systems about medical conditions and problems that people may have.”

He continued, “If someone has a question about a certain medication condition that a loved one may have, this is where they can come to get information about it. Think of it as a library for medical information. The volunteers will help to answer questions and to help research that condition.”

Margaret Peterson, CEO for Desert Valley Medical Group, said, “We offer health screenings, blood sugar testing, blood pressure checks, and flu shots. The focus is health promotion and illness prevention. Our role is to help patients manage their health better.”

“What’s unique about the wellness center is that it is becoming a partnership with community businesses that are related to ideas and issues that seniors are interested in. A great example is the mobile salon. She will be here on certain days throughout the month and seniors can come to see her. I think it is going to be really nice for the people that live nearby,” explained Peterson.

The Senior Wellness Center is available to everyone in the community. “This place is not only for seniors but for anyone to come and learn about diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol management, heart diseases and prevention of these things and how they can help themselves.  The goal of this center is to guide them through the process,” said Reddy.

The senior wellness center is open weekday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Call 760-955-WELL (9355) for more information.

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