McKeon Visits With Victorville Business Owners

By Jim Nickerson

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)–Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon spoke to about 100 local business owners and elected officials during a Republican Party breakfast at the Grumpy golfer Friday morning.  The Congressman told the Air Force Jr. ROTC Honor Guard from the Lewis Center in Apple Valley how well he appreciated their presentation.

Addressing the Jr. ROTC and their Commander Col. Armstrong the Congressman said “I have seen this presentation many times and the only group that does better are the Honor Guard at Congress.  And they have a lot more experience at it”.

The Representative also congratulated a young Eagle Scout who was in attendance, saying “The only thing I regret about my time in the Boy Scouts is not having gotten my Eagle”, saying that is one of the few things that you can’t have a “do over” on.  He said his three sons all went through Boy Scouts and two got their Eagle Scout.

Attending from the Town of Apple Valley was Councilperson Ginger Coleman, who also led the flag salute.  Victorville Mayor Ryan McEachron chaired the event and Council member and former Mayor Mike Rothschild also attended.  The Mayor Cari Thomas of the City of Adelanto and Joe Gomez of Barstow were also present.

“I have the best job in Washington” Representative McKeon told the audience.  “As the Chairman of the House Armed Forces Committee I get to visit our troops in the field.”

He went on to tell the audience about Thanksgiving in a war zone, eating MRE’s and sleeping on a Nuclear Submarine under the polar icecap.

Congressman McKeon represents the 25th district, which ranges from Gardenerville, just south of Bakersfield to Santa Clarita, just north of Los Angeles and includes Lancaster-Palmdale and parts of the Victor Valley.

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