MWA: Water Conservation Incentive Program Suspended One Year

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Citing declining property tax revenues, the popular Water Conservation Incentive Program (WCIP), which included the successful turf-buy-back program known as Cash-for-Grass has been recommended to go on hiatus for the upcoming fiscal year because of a lack of funds to support discretionary programs.  The Board of Directors will consider approving the final budget on June 23.

General Manager Kirby Brill said that stopping the program was a painful decision because of the public’s high participation in conservation efforts, but because of the “conservation culture” that’s been created he expects consumers will continue to find ways to save water.  The conservation coalition AWAC-the Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation-will remain intact and continue to promote water conservation through means other than Cash-for-Grass.

As funding becomes available for conservation programs either through grant receipts or increased revenues, staff will provide updates through the MWA E-newsletter and Facebook page, area newspapers, and other community newsletters to help keep the public updated on program availability.

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