We Must Still Be Careful With Our Water

By Staff  Reports

(Victor Valley)–This year’s record-level snow pack and rainy weather has lifted California’s state of emergency on drought conditions. This doesn’t mean our worries about water availability are over. As recent experience teaches us, the tipping point from abundant water to a lack of water is cyclical in our region and that is not going to change. How much water is on the planet now versus when the planet was newly formed? The answer …….. exactly the same. Water never ceases to exist and it doesn’t escape the atmosphere, so it just changes form, from solid (ice) to liquid (water) to in between (gas). The real question isn’t how much water, but what form is it in and where is it located? And most importantly is it drinkable? The vast majority of water on the planet is not drinkable. Water is also an economic driver for strengthening our economy and keeping our communities vibrant and healthy. To address the water resource issues and challenges affecting business, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has formed a Water Issues Working Group. The group consists of 45 member companies focused on bringing what has been a backburner issue to the forefront of public awareness through the “Invest in Water” series. The US. Chamber of Commerce has come up with 7 Ways Water will Shape the Future of Business, from water demand being a local issue to how companies can have a competitive edge with water management. Click here to read about the 7.

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