Clean Community: 6,499 Tires Removed From Apple Valley

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)–Code Enforcement Staff conducts Tire Amnesty Day for citizens of Apple Valley through the “Government Waste Tire Clean Up and Amnesty Event Grant,” sponsored by Cal Recycles. The Town partners with the Burrtec Disposal to provide containers for the collection and disposal of the tires at the Mitsubishi Plant. The plant utilizes the tires as an alternative fuel for daily operation of the plant.

During 2010/2011 there were four events conducted at Lion’s Park. A total of 5,633 tires were brought by citizens to the events. Code Enforcement Staff removed 866 by proactively patrolling the Town, locating illegally dumped tires.  A total of 6,499 tires were collected and disposed of at the Mitsubishi Plant.  Many hours are devoted to the Tire Amnesty Day from applying for the grant to fulfilling the many requirements.

Staff creates and produces 24,721 flyers that are folded and placed in trash bills for Apple Valley citizens. 34.5 hours were dedicated to recording and tracking locations of illegally dumped tires. A total of 352.75 hours were exhausted on the many aspects of managing the grant and event.

Statistics of the removal of tires

Produce and Print Flyers  24,721

(50 Hours)

Tires Picked Up Prior to the Event by Staff  866

(192.25 Hours)

Tires Collected at the Events  5,633

Recording and Tracking Locations of Illegally Dumped Tires

Collected by Staff Issuing Notices and Distributing Flyers to Residences with

Tires 2009/2010  2010/2011  Increased By  Tires Collected  4,917  6,499  32.17%

Participation from Citizens  403  510  26.5%

Tires Collected by Staff  686  866  26.2%

34.5 Hours

16 Hours

Staff applied for the grant for 2011/2012 and it has been awarded. Tire Amnesty Events will be conducted at

Lion’s Park from 9:00am – 3:00pm on – July 16, 2011 – September 17, 2011 – January 28, 2012 – April 21, 2012.

(760) 240-7560   – –

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