4:10 PM Exclusive Breaking News: Victorville Not Named In Grand Jury Report. Updated 6:35 PM

By Miguel Gonzalez


(San Bernardino)– After two years of investigation by the San Bernardino County Grand Jury, the report unveiled today did not name the City of Victorville in any criminal charges, High Desert Daily has learned exclusively.

The investigation costed the Victorville almost $500,000 and prompted current Mayor Ryan McEachron to call for the end of the investigation.

The Grand Jury conducted multiple interviews with current and former council members as well as City Hall staff.

There is nothing in this report that named the Victorville, the report to be presented today could still name individual council members or City Hall staff accused of malfeasance, High Desert Daily has learned.

Council member Mike Rothschild was not surprised at the report and asked for an explanation for the costs of the two-year investigation. “I would like to know why Supervisor Mitzelfelt and Mayor McEachron allowed for such waste of money of taxpayers,” Rothschild said.

Mayor Ryan Mceachron said the report left him feeling confused, frustrated and optimistic. “Am confused because some $195,000 were spent in a two year period in the investigation. Am frustrated because there were no findings after all of the interview from the Grand Jury we went through,” the mayor said. “Finally, I am optimistic, because the Grand Jury could not find anything after such a deep investigation and Victorville is not named in the investigation.”

McEachron also said he has been assured by people with knowledge on the issue that no one from the old Grand Jury was held over for a new term. “This is positive news because it allows Victorville to move on,” McEachron finalized.

1 comment for “4:10 PM Exclusive Breaking News: Victorville Not Named In Grand Jury Report. Updated 6:35 PM

  1. Mike Rothschild
    June 30, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    I did not vote for this investigation because there was absolutly no indication that any law was broken or misuse of public funds. So why was it so important that Mayor McEacron and Supervisor Mitzelfelt spend this amount of money to investigate Victorville?

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