Helping Those Who Need It The Most: A Van for Coen and Jack

Brothers Coen and Jack. Picture by Abbey Mullen of MaD Photography

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Apple Valley)-School just let out for most districts in the High Desert, and next year’s school year is not on the mind of any child. But for Jack and Coen, figuring out how to get to the first day of classes, let alone to the store or doctor, seems like an impossible feat.

Siblings Coen Graziano (Age 5) and Jack Graziano (Age 2) have Merosin Deficient, a rare form of CMD (Congenital Muscular Dystrophy), a muscle disorder that makes it impossible to walk, crawl or be mobile at all. Even the strength to hold one’s head up is too much at times, as the children depend on their mother, Melissa Graziano, to assist with all day-to-day functions. A monumental task in itself, Melissa no longer works, as she is needed at home to help care for her wonderful children.

The one aspect of independence for these young boys comes in the form of a power wheelchair. Coen received his, with his younger brother’s chair being on the way. Yet, right now, they are limited to using it at home, as the vehicle their mom has is not equipped for the chairs. Reaching out to the community, Melissa Graziano has planned a plethora of ways to raise funds to help her children, one of them coming up this Saturday.

A concert at One of Life’s Perks in Apple Valley will be held at 5:00 pm, with a booth set up to help raise the funds for a van that can transport the two kids to school, numerous weekly doctor appointments, and so much more. At the booth, wristbands will be sold that read “I HELPED JACK AND COEN”, where the profits will go directly to helping reach this important goal. Performing at the event will be Caught Up, MC LIFE, 12′ Til, and Civil Dawn, along with several guest speakers.

Other ways of helping include visiting, a website set up to help spread the word of this noble cause, as well as visiting any Wells Fargo Bank and making donations to the “Help Coen and Jack Donation Account”.

Other local business are also accepting donations, including Bella Mia Salon in Hesperia, J. Michaels Salon in Victorville (ask for Desiree), and Cycle Gear in Victorville.  Hot Dog on a Stick in the Mall of Victor Valley will also be holding a fundraiser on July 1st from 2-8 PM, and a Poker Run Motorcycle Ride is being planned for July.

These kids deserve to go places like any other child, so please visit the website, attend the fundraisers and help when you can. As a community, we can make a difference.

Friday, July 1st

2:00 – 8:00 pm at

Hot Dog on a StickTM

The Mall at Victor Valley

14440 Bear Valley Rd, St #725


Help Coen & Jack Get a Van and Stick a Smile on Your Face

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