Hesperia Father Leads By Love, Example.

By Alyssa Penman

High Desert Daily

(HESPERIA)– Many High Desert residents are familiar with the long commute “down the hill”, with early morning departures and late evening arrivals home. The exhausting work day is something that father of four Ignacio Perez Jr, 37, gladly took on to provide his family a better life in Hesperia. As a driver for a food products company, he often spends up to 14 hours a day driving.

“We moved here from Long Beach a little over two years ago,” shared his wife Christina Perez. “We wanted a better environment, a better upbringing for our kids.” Together for nearly twenty years, the Perez’s were struggling in the neighborhood they lived in. “Now our kids can walk to school or to a friend’s house without drugs, police sirens, people fighting,” shared Ignacio. “We have good neighbors. This is a good environment.”

The family, including their four children, ages 15 to almost 11, also loves the access to nature to be found close to home. “We go hiking with the dogs in the desert. We can see coyotes and rabbits, the stars and the moon, things you don’t see in the city.”

Ignacio is inspired to keep up the commute by his family and the opportunity to establish a home for them. When asked what it means to him to be a father, he replied, “Spend time with your wife and with your kids. Talk to them, communicate with them. Love them and care for them. Be there for them when they have problems. Encourage them. Give them wisdom. Just be there for your kids.”

He isn’t just encouraging his own children, but also volunteers with the Hesperia Police Activities League, or PAL. For about a year, Ignacio has helped with teaching youth how to box, along with life lessons on staying focused, building inner strength and leadership, and making positive life choices.

“He is the glue that holds our family together,” shared his wife, Christina. To the other father’s out there who are working hard like he is, Ignacio encourages them, “Think about your kids and family. Be strong. Don’t give up, no matter what.”

High Desert Daily would like to recognize Ignacio Perez for being a model parent and inspiration to his family and community. Happy Father’s day!

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