McKeon Releases Committee Activities Report And Highlights Transparency Efforts

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– (Permalink) The House Armed Services Committee met Wednesday to mark up the First Semiannual Report of the Activities of the Committee on Armed Services for the 112th Congress, successfully reporting out H. Rept. 112-123.

U.S. Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-Calif.), the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, praised all Members of the committee for their work to provide for our nation’s common defense and making transparency a hallmark of the Committee’s activities.

“We have had a busy year crafting our nation’s defense bill bringing a new level of transparency and openness to the committee. Our members conducted a total of 54 hearings and markups, 28 briefings and heard from 186 witnesses making certain that we had accurate information from our nation’s military and defense policy experts,” McKeon said. “We also adhered to the strong bipartisan tradition of the committee by putting national security ahead of partisanship.”

In addition, Members of Congress not on the Armed Services committee gave testimony on their national defense priorities before a full committee hearing—a first for the committee.

“I think we have ensured the American taxpayers that we are investing and equipping a modernized military force in the most efficient and transparent way possible. At the core of that military force is our military personnel and their families who are now provided with the resources and support they need, deserve and have earned.”

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