Perspective On The Current Economic Environment

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–Citizens Business Bank’s Bruce Branstine, Vice-President /Private Client Advisor, spoke to the Rotary Club of Victorville this week on the state of world economics. His Power Point presentation began with the four phases of the business cycle, and pointed out that history does repeat itself. The economic cycle of peak – decline – trough- expansion bears this out, but also shows that we are actually in a recovery phase currently. Yes, it’s shaky, but in terms of statistics gleaned by the experts at the Economic Cycle Research Institute, “we are headed in the right direction globally”, stated Bruce.

Interestingly, some indicators analysts look at are the price of copper, outbound container shipment activity, oil futures, gold prices, and corn futures, to name just a few. The main concerns we have are global inflation, low home prices and the high unemployment rate.

Bruce tells us that the analysts feel we are in a long-term “bull market”, and the countries they watch are called “BRIC”… Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Questions were invited, and many members asked some good ones. In closing, Bruce advises investors to spread the risk out and be cautiously optimistic. No surprise

there. Also, gold is another good investment.

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