Mojave Flick Review: The Hangover 2 Review

Editor’s note: We all love movies, but rather than ask a syndicated columnist who has never visited our beautiful High Desert, we commissioned our own movie critic: Nolan P. Smith to review films and give us a local perspective. Enjoy.

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By Nolan P. Smith

High Desert Daily Movie Critic

“One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble

Can’t be too careful with your company

I can feel the devil walking next to me”

(Victor Valley)–Those are the infamous Murray Head lyrics from their 1984 hit, One Night in Bangkok. Also, those words sum up the record-breaking sequel, The Hangover 2.

Everyone who loves a good comedy has more than likely seen the monster hit, The Hangover. The Wolf pack, Mike Tyson, the baby, Black Doug: we all remember the standouts from the first film, as it was one of the funniest films in recent memory.

The sequel needed to break new ground, to outshine the original and flesh out the characters: did it?

In many ways, yes it did. Think of the premise of the first film (amnesiac night out in Las Vegas, ends up filled with law breaking antics, bodily harm and self discovery) and replace Vegas with Bangkok, and remix the whole thing. Now, this sounds bad, but it really isn’t. The sequel sticks to the formula, but adds and deviates enough to make the film enjoyable. Also, it’s a riot of laughs just like the first.

Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis once again bring the funny as they are joined by the likes of Paul Giamatti and Mason Lee. The film boasts a much darker tone than the original, as the events that happen seem to triple in severity as compared to the original. Character development is improved, especially with Galifianakis’s character Alan. To see the world through his eyes for a moment is really a great touch to the film.

Yet, this film is clearly a rated R film. This is by far one of the raunchiest films I have ever seen, but by the end it really is an enjoyable sequel. If you liked the first one, you should love the second. If you were on the fence after the first one, then skip this one out. Oh, and leave the kids home, this isn’t the type of R rated movie you want them to see.

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