Victor Elementary Big Winners At VVCF Spelling Bee

First place winners from Victor Elementary School District. Photos by Nikki Garrett Metzger/High Desert Daily.

By Nikki Garrett Metzger

High Desert Daily

(Victorville) – The Victorville Chamber Foundation hosted their annual Adult Spelling Bee Thursday night at the Grumpy Golfer.  This year’s winner won it early in the third round.

So what is an adult spelling bee? It is a fundraising event for the VVCF. There were teams of 3 or 4 people at each table.  The announcer pronounces the word, gives the definition, uses the word in a sentence, then the timer begins. The teams confer, and then write their answer on a whiteboard.  Once time is called, each team holds up their whiteboard for verification. This goes on for 3 rounds of 15 words.

Pat Caldwell was the events announcer. Photos by Nikki Garrett Metzger/High Desert Daily.

Lisa de La Cruz, Business Development Manager for the Victorville Chamber of Commerce, explained “We get the words off of the National Spelling bee list. These are the same words that students would be using. Everybody gets a study guide ahead of time, but it has a lot to do with pronunciations. These are not necessarily the words we will be using.”

Pat Caldwell, member of the executive board of the chamber and this year’s announcer, said, “It’s just been a lot of fun, a success, and people love doing it. It raises money for the Chamber Foundation, which spends the money on scholarships, the reading programs that we have at Green Tree East elementary, and on our sponsorship of Brentwood school.”

Shot of the room showing participants holding up their whiteboard. by Nikki Garrett Metzger/High Desert Daily.

The team from Victor Elementary School District won first place, taking home the traveling trophy and $10 gift cards from Johnny Rebs. The second place winning team from Excelsior Education Center took home Scrabble board games donated by Walmart.  Third place was last year’s defending champs, the team from the Daily Press. Their prize was a bottle of honey for each team member.

Other teams that participated came from Shear Realty, San Joaquin Valley College, Outback Steakhouse, Rotary Club of Victorville, ICR Staffing, and more. The officials that roamed the room and helped with judging were Chuck Duncan from Reflections Catering, chamber member John Kelberau, and some of the students from Brentwood School of Business and Leadership.

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