Everyone Wants To Come To Victorville: Through The Eyes Of Joe Brady

Long time resident, business owner and community leader Joseph W. Brady predicts Victorville and the High Desert have enormous potential that has already started to attract jobs to the area.

By Nolan Patrick Smith

Staff Reporter

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)– The High Desert is growing rapidly, as it has been for many years now. Many see the familiar sight of ground breakings and new structures being created on a daily basis as you pass Bear Valley Road, Main Street and so on. Long time resident, business owner and community leader Joseph W. Brady has seen the desert through the highs and lows.

“I’m real passionate, I believe in what we’re doing and I love the High Desert,” said Brady in a phone interview with High Desert Daily on Monday afternoon. Brady is the President of The Bradco Companies, located in Victorville as well as a Trustee on Victor Valley College’s Board of Trustees. Having been in the High Desert since 1988, Brady has seen a lot of change in the community in those 23 years. Yet, one thing is for certain, he is dedicated to the future of the desert. One of his proudest moments in recent memory is the arrival of United Furniture Industries to Victorville.

“United Furniture Industries is coming up here from Mississippi and North Carolina, this is their eighth facility. They just leased 505,192 square feet, why do I know that? Because I did the deal and I am real proud of that. They are going to create up to 400 jobs over the course of the next three years. Why did they come up here? Because of the culture. What’s the culture? The ability to make things happen.”

Brady explained how United Furniture looked at the six western states when deciding to come to the west coast. They looked into Latham, Stockton, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Bernardino, Ontario, Mira Loma, and Riverside. After all their searching, they found their new home right in the key of the High Desert, Victorville. Production wise, Brady mentioned the company would eventually be building between 1,200 to 1,500 couches a day, directly at the Victorville facility.

“Why is MARS expanding from 440,000 square feet to 495,000 square feet on the base? Why did Dr. Pepper come out here? They all came out here because we have good, available labor; we have the most affordable housing in California, which is good and bad. We are an easy place to operate in; people like to do business out here.”

Brady’s words couldn’t ring truer, especially right now with so much progress going on around us. Right now, the High Desert has five guaranteed Super Wal-Mart stores to be built, according to Brady. Between the two in Victorville (Dunia Plaza and Palmdale Rd/395), one in Hesperia on Main and Escondido, one in Apple Valley across from the old Lowes building, and the Barstow one, which will become a Super Wal-Mart as well, that shows a lot of faith in our community. Another Super Wal-Mart is still pending approval.

So next time you are down Interstate 15 and you see the massive structure that will be a Super Wal-Mart, or when you pass through Air Expressway and see Rubbermaid, United Furniture Industries, Dr. Pepper/Snapple among the other businesses on the Southern California Logistic Airport, know that progress is here, and with the help of community leaders like Brady, it is shining brightly for the world to see.

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  1. Mike Rothschild
    October 25, 2011 at 7:42 am

    Joe is always looking far into the business future and setting the stage for companies to find the Victor Valley no matter what Sacraemnto does.

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