50 Beautiful Cats Relinquished To Shelter

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)–The Town of Apple Valley Municipal Animal Shelter is overflowing with felines after an Apple Valley resident turned in more than 50 cats.

Unlike typical hoarding cases, the animals were turned in voluntarily and the majority of them are healthy and well socialized, making them available for immediate adoption to good homes.

“These are beautiful cats,” said Cassandra Jensen, animal care specialist. “Many of them are Siamese or simply stunning mixed breed cats that we are hoping will get adopted quickly.”

According to staff reports, the cats were being cared for by a relative of the property owner who uses the residence as a vacation home. When the owner of the vacation home came for a visit, he saw the number of cats and realized the cat population had gotten out of hand in his absence.

“The intake of these animals brought the shelter’s cat count to about 200. That’s a lot. That’s a really big deal to us,” said Jensen. “Fortunately, we have received donations to adopt these cats at a reduced rate.”

To encourage the public to rescue the felines, the shelter is offering a special adoption fee of only $10 each for these cats only. The fee includes a veterinary check-up, a bag of food and the cost of the spay or neuter surgery. A refundable deposit will be required for kittens that are too young for surgery at the time of adoption.

“This special adoption event supports our ‘Save a Life Campaign’ by making it affordable for adopters to provide a permanent loving home  for these adorable felines,” adds Gina Schwin-Whiteside, animal services manager.  “Our goal continues to be increasing the numbers of live releases from our shelter.”

For more information regarding animal adoptions or making a donation to help adopt animals at reduced fees, contact the Town of Apple Valley Municipal Animal Shelter for details at (760) 240-7000 x7555 or visit www.AVAnimals.org.

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